What Families Are Saying About The Harrisville Pre-School...


“I truly believe that a better early childhood program does not exist.  My son is not only prepared developmentally and academically, but also emotionally.  I could not have provided him with the experiences that have led to his emotional growth and security without the partnership of HPS.  I strongly believe that his emotional strength will provide him with the necessary foundation to flourish socially and academically.  The commitment to positively impact EACH and EVERY child is what makes this program, as a whole, so special.  HPS continues to exceed my expectations in countless ways.”

- J. Bergin: HPS Parent 3 Years -


“The level of detail that you note on each child is amazing to me!  With all of the children  each day, you can tell me specifically about my child’s day.”

T. Beaudreault: HPS Parent 2 Years -


“The school is clean, friendly, organized and has a home-like feel, that makes everyone feel comfortable.  I was very impressed by the 1:1 that my child received.  He responded so well to that.  My child felt loved and so did I.” 

 - S. Patrie: HPS Parent 1 Year -


“I was very pleased to see that the staff saw in my children exactly what we saw at home in terms of their academic and social progress.  The open communication was key. I felt I could walk in and ask a question and be given a direct and honest answer.  Their knowledge and understanding of my children - their likes and dislikes and personalities - were truly understood and they were able to flourish within the classroom.”

- N. Grant: HPS Parent 8 Years -


“The education provided was well above my expectations.  You get to know each child as an individual and develop “their” education plan.  THIS IS HUGE!”

- K. Demers: HPS Parent 1 Year - 


“The staff is professional, caring and approachable.  I had a very positive and comfortable feeling every time I dropped my child off at school.  I felt she would be in a safe, positive and nurturing environment.   Areas my child excelled in were encouraged and areas she needed help with were addressed in a positive and helpful manner.  Each child is treated as their own unique person.  We learned how our child was doing not only academically, but also how she was developing socially and emotionally.  I felt the teaching staff knew my child very well."

- G. McMahon: HPS Parent 2 Years - 


“Enriching environment.  Guidance and assistance to direct and work with our child.  Communication was easy, open and not intimidating.”

- J. Houle - HPS Parent 1 Year - 


“A one room school house with a family/community atmosphere, wide variety of activities, scope and depth of curriculum and warm and loving teachers.”

- C. Trudeau: HPS Parent 2 Years - 


“HPS helped my child to learn and prepare to move on to kindergarten.  It gave him a sense of accomplishment and eagerness to learn more.  It also gave him the courage and built self esteem to have the ability to engage with other children.”

- C. Bolte: HPS Parent 1 Year -